Álex de la Iglesia visits the Festival

De la Iglesia will be one of the special guests. The Spanish film director will give an open class for students and will present the screenings of some of his most notable films.
Álex de la Iglesia visits the Festival

Since his debut in 1995 with the movie Mutant Action, Álex de la Iglesia has made his mark in genre cinema not only in Spain, but in all of Ibero-America, having a unique style in which horror and dark humor come together. Through an exploration of different genres, the filmmaker from Bilbao has managed to retain his essence as he built a career that is as acclaimed as chameleonic. Alex de la Iglesia’s filmography includes seventeen films, and it is the perfect example of horror as the best genre for condemning the world’s tragedies and inequalities.

Fiction is the only chance we have of living other people’s lives and of doing everything we can’t in real life. Fiction is a free space where we can keep playing”, said De la Iglesia in one of his last visits to Argentina. In order to celebrate his ongoing struggle for an independent and free cinema, a series of screenings of his most important movies will be organized.

Álex de la Iglesia was born on 4 December 1965, in Bilbao, Spain. After obtaining a degree in Philosophy at the University of Deusto, he wrote comics, until he started to make his first short films. His first feature film, Mutant Action, premiered in 1993 and was produced by Pedro Almodóvar. With his second film, The Day of the Beast (1995), he won several international awards and received the Goya Award for Best Director. Later, De la Iglesia was awarded the Silver Lion for Best Direction at the 67th Venice International Film Festival with The Last Circus (2010). He’s currently working on his new film, Traición Santa.

Photo: Jeosm