Esto no es un golpe

This Is Not a Coup

Sergio Wolf

Cinema in Democracy

Duration: 120 min.
Country: Argentina
Language: Español
Year: 2018
Tuesday 25th, 18:30 hs., Cosmos (Sala Cosmos)

After winning the 1983 elections, ending seven years of dictatorship, and after promoting the historic Trial of the Military Juntas in 1985, during Easter Week of 1987, Raúl Alfonsín's government was shaken by a military uprising led by Aldo Rico. Both an enormous mass mobilization and the entire political arc supported Alfonsín. This growing tension was resolved on Easter Sunday during a meeting that the President held with the military rebels. The meeting became an enigma, since the speech given by Alfonsín in Plaza de Mayo raised the question of whether he had negotiated with the rebels. What happened in that meeting? Why did Alfonsín say what he said in that speech?.

Sergio Wolf

Sergio Wolf

Sergio Wolf studied Communication at the University of Buenos Aires. He directed with Lorena Muñoz I Don’t Know What Your Eyes Have Done to Me, with Alejo Taube the documentary trilogy Ritos de frontera and, alone, The Color Out of Space and I Will Live with Your Memories. He was BAFICI's programmer from 2005 to 2007, and its artistic director between 2008 and 2012.

Ficha Técnica:

D/G: Sergio Wolf
F: Inés Duacastella
E: Lautaro Colace
S: Francisco Pedemonte
M: Gabriel Chwojnik
P: Pablo Chernov, Gabriel Kameniecki, Sergio Wolf
I: Horacio Jaunarena, Aldo Rico, Julio Hang, Adela Bigatti, José Luis Vila


Pablo Chernov, Gabriel Kameniecki
IG: @alina_films, @kameniecki, @sergiodwolf