Federico Di Cicilia

International Feature Film Competition

Duration: 76 min.
Country: Italia
Language: Italiano
Year: 2021
Friday 28th, 18:00 hs., El Cultural San Martín (Cultural 2 Sala Manuel Antin)
Saturday 29th, 13:30 hs., El Cultural San Martín (Cultural 2 Sala Manuel Antin)

Football is a cruel sport. Out of every thousands and thousands of people who play it since childhood - and which takes almost a decade of training and sacrifices - only a handful go on to play it professionally. Behind this minimal chance lies the search for a prosperous future for the players and, therefore, for their entire family. In this bleak context, Federico Di Cicilia places his new film, financed by crowdfunding. The director, a student of key figures of the Italian film tradition, exploits its virtues where others only find problems: in its simplicity and intimacy. Invisibili follows Peppino, a promising Italian football player dealing with the pressure and the errant behavior of his father, who also acts as his manager. Did the sport cease to be a game and become an obligation? Is he striving for his future or just to fulfill his father's frustrated dreams? Questions that torment the young Peppino and that he must answer before his meteoric career, common to all soccer players, passes him by.

Federico Di Cicilia

Federico Di Cicilia

Federico Di Cicilia is a Director, Writer and Assistant Director. He shot Scritte d’amore, La grande occasione, C’era una volta la valigia di cartone, among other films. He graduated from the NUCT and was an assistant director in the film La cena by Ettore Scola.

Ficha Técnica:

D/E: Federico Di Cicilia
G: Federico Di Cicilia, Alessandro Anselmi
F: Rocco Marra
S: Luca Ranieri
M: Il Liceo, Piero Buccella, Carlo Venezia
P: Federico Di Cicilia, Alberto De Matteis, Daniela De Vita
I: Gerardo De Blasio, Nicola Capobianco, Massimiliano Gallo, Nello Mascia, Daniela De Vita